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Every time I remember you, I say thank you.
Wishing you could come up to me and say, “I pranked you.”

Blushing cheeks, shy silhouette, you mesmerize me.
Straight hair, middle parting, you hypnotize me.
Shimmering eyes, melting smile, all of them synchronizing.
Hurt you badly, never meant to. Don’t despise me.

I endeared you more than life itself.
I illed at the thought of you, cried myself to bed.
What have I done? I can’t wash this blood off my hands! Macbeth’s restless endless nights.
Broke your heart more than once, all over godforsaken stupid fights.

What a young, stupid fool I was.
To miss my chance to trim the golden fleece’s winning purse!
To go back home with a bride to be,
as radiant as the shining sunlight binding me!



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But not me.

Everyone’s got hope,
it’s not free.

I tread, I dread and I elope
with my fantasies,
my unbuttered bread.

I pray, for gain, at last I share,
how effortlessly I get scared.

See dear, I’ve been here.
Clock, shifts on, for time is not stalling.

My fear, stay clear,
fuck, it’s done, I’m free falling.

Until inertia’s claws rest, twin hands are brawling.
Let me fly up, defy gravity and answer my calling.

Navigating shadows of self-loathing and doubt,
I am shadow boxing troubles and ascending to the next bout.

Past loneliness, past pain.
Towards a burning sun, braver than furious 5’s Crane.

Rest assured, we’re all insane,
Don’t let your individuation process be in vain.



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I’m a master of the art of pursuing truth
With pondering as my weapon
And thoughts as my crutch
Owning no fields of expertise or talent as such
I’m a man, selfish and conditional
But scrutinizing as I may be with myself and unfair or unjust
I’m the truest of the true
And truth is what I trust



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My sanity is like a twig
A headache cracks it, my troubles take a crack at it.
I focus on negativity like a crack addict.

My sanity breaks as easy as a twig.
I’m as fake as the wig atop my head.
I wear my masquerade even when I get into bed.

My sanity’s wiped clean.
Clean slates like unfiltered demeanor, I'm meaner with that lean.
I will not stay in the picture, if everywhere I go I make a scene.

Bleak sanity, from an innocent child’s mind.
Transforming into something else when all the now-man does is grind.
Insanity for never stopping to breath and search inward. See what we find.



Canvas of a Poet

Canvas of a Poet


Self-expression is important and your writing is really timeless. I personally enjoy creative writing for its artistic release. I’m here to materialize my voice