Poetic Justice

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Greek and Norse mythological dominion,
from Polytheism to then after Monotheistic religion.
We hear countless stories; concepts
split into numerous other versions
like light to a rainbow through a glass prism.
Sin gravely in the eye of the judge, and your fate be thrown into the chasm.

When the ceiling collapses and Gabriel descends.
When the earth shakes, and Gaia awakens.
When the wrath of Odin strikes across the nine skies of Yggdrasil.
The universe will be in shambles.

Crossover a multitude of dimensions, enter a realm where time is currency.
Surrender your name, along with matter and density.
Afloat in space, surrounded by dark matter and zero-gravity.

Too small of a microscopic speck we are in the universal expanse.
Too busy in conflict to respect racial differences, willing to readily wipe centuries of beauty at a glance.
We would destroy history, architecture, and lives for self-interested advance.

Careful not to harm any man, due to mere subjective reasoning for which you hope he atones.
Don’t let blind faith sit on a throne.
Cease unregulated free-market penetration; social sciences can’t justify business ethics and morality alone.

Born to huddle, we end up living as ones.
Born altruistic and uncorrupted sons.

Born to suffer and lose our way.
To find it back and lead others to the warm light of day.

Thank you for reading!
It brings me joy to see people interact with my work.
If you are interested in deep diving into my other pieces,
I will leave some links below for you to check.
Nothing leaves me more ecstatic than interacting with my fellow poets in the community:)

© Canvas of a Poet



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Canvas of a Poet

Canvas of a Poet

Self-expression is important and your writing is really timeless. I personally enjoy creative writing for its artistic release. I’m here to materialize my voice