To himself

Marcus Aurelius never intended for his personal journal to be published. His ‘Meditations.’
One of the greatest roman emperors to ever have walked the earth with a legacy that provides insight into his wonderous headspace.
A stoic mind with a thirst for self-improvement yet bound by stoic logic prevented fantasy from driving him astray. A reality-checking defense mechanism.
Every morning in his journal, Marcus wrote primarily to ground himself and simultaneously empower himself when he felt his judgment clouded.
Reminding himself of the hardship his day would labor and his need to embrace it.

I took upon myself the liberty to write as a means for venting.
My friends smoke cigarettes and roll joints. Others turn to alcohol.
I turned to food for comfort and my journal for companionship. Immersing myself in my poorly written journal entries strengthened my mental fortitude. I had my invisible audience to hear my ‘silent tears.’

To think mental health isn’t something people take seriously; we bring up our youth thinking they must merely worry about gobbling academic literature or gain financial stability.
A house, a bank account, a car, a degree, a relationship, a gym membership.
Some of us are products of our environments.
Worried only externally materialistically, not ever spiritually idealistically.
So, we feel like our only hope of escape from the evil cycle of ordinariness is to make enough money to live freely and comfortably unrestrained outside of it. Yet, we are slaves all the same to that very promising and liberating idea.
One ought to work on his mental element because it isn’t obviously visible to the naked eye. We grow, yet that part of us ages no further unless we pay attention. And for us to pay attention, we must be humble enough to accept that we are students of life and a work in progress.

I’m glad to have discovered the existence of individuals or groups pushing for founder or CEO mental health because entrepreneurs mostly take upon themselves so much that they neglect their mental health the most. Imagine the mental strain that accompanies having ambitions so large they envision impacting on a global scale.

Even if you count yourself as an average Joe, don’t neglect mental health.
Talk occasionally to someone you look up to, someone you trust, someone you respect. Practice self-criticism, humility and be prepared to work on yourself.

Express yourself.
Through your favorite means.
indulge in poetry, songwriting, screenplay, journal entries(narrative/descriptive).
Sculpt, draw and paint.
play an instrument, sing and dance.

Practice self-expression and play the strings of your soul.

Take inspiration from Marcus, who unknowingly set an example to us all. Thousands of years back. It was relevant back then, and it is so today.
Live, Feel alive and take care of yourself. Your today matters more than your tomorrow.

People are too ashamed or afraid to talk about it.
Don’t neglect your mental health:)



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Canvas of a Poet

Canvas of a Poet

Self-expression is important and your writing is really timeless. I personally enjoy creative writing for its artistic release. I’m here to materialize my voice