Why did you stop seeing your therapist?

My mum asked me why I’m not seeing a therapist anymore, this is what I sent her.

“You wont believe me if I tell you what I believe in.

But to be frank I came to understand a few things.
I realized that yes I wanted help and guidance, that is essentially what I wanted! Because me being in a dark place is what depressed me; I wanted out of the darkness. Going to a therapist always helps you see the things which you don’t perceive. And its helpful. BUT, I have come to understand how much that therapist is a human being just like me. He or She may be broken just as much as I am, and if not broken she has her flaws. She did bad things in her lifetime. For all I know she’s seeing a therapist too. Btw I’m living with 3 to-be-psychologists so I know that they aren’t really role models.

Who knows Imma? Maybe the person I’m going to knows the answer to how to be a less depressed and self pitying person? BUT at the same time she’s spiting on homeless people OR she may know how I should behave when I’m in a relationship with a woman and what’s unacceptable BUT she doesn’t know how to treat her parents. All they do is vomit on you their years worth of being book worms. The accumulation of psychology and human research thus far is being regurgitated upon you because these therapists chose a profession to help others (noble yet..)when most of them really only use on you tools that they might believe only works on a statistical level I cannot find myself impressed.
For example they can tell you listen life is…. (Insert opinion of what 95% of the population believes). It’s only done so to have a higher chance of aiding you as it must’ve aided others. I guess if solutions were personalized by the individual helping me I would be more content so maybe it is just up to who I’m seeing. BUT then again! That person helping me isn’t the Moses or Jesus Christ of our times! they are just as human as me.

I don’t want to ask for help from another human who is just as imperfect as me. Guidance that is subjective because as long as it’s a human talking to me, it’s not going to be objective. I have life-questions, moral-questions, values-based questions. The opposite person is entitled to just as much entitlement to believe in his or her truth as I do. So I chose to arrive at my own conclusions. Stop adopting another human’s doctrine. And to teach my children conclusions I will derive in due time. Ofc I will understand later since a therapist this time around won’t shed light on things for me to realize earlier BUT I will arrive there all the same. Without the need to consult another human being. A human being who’s guidance isn’t heavenly, unbiased and objective.”

On my own. Beneath the same sky, amongst the countless spoken truths in sight of a horizon we all share irrespective of whose shoes we stand in today.



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Canvas of a Poet

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